Are you tired of being a hostage to a broken healthcare system?

We value you as a person.
We respect your autonomy over yourself.
We understand that your time is precious.
We are invested in your health.

We are not disease managers.
We look for health by utilizing realistic self improving goals and sharing concepts of enlightenment that provide encouragement and empowers you through self-care instruction in a variety of modalities including holistic, integrative and complimentary approaches to improve quality of life.

We are a Private Party Partner in Healthcare.
My Home Advisor; L.L.C. is an ecclesiastical organization on a mission to provide service protection for providers who wish to serve. 

My Home Advisor; L.L.C. brings persons and providers together with individuals and families operating entirely in the private domain through 2-party contractual agreements accessible only to private members in the Altruistic Consigliere Services Private Membership Association.

The My Home Advisor; L.L.C. Programs and Services are independent of frivolous and unwanted State and Federal influence over your own bodily autonomy.

To break these chains of bondage, My Home Advisor; L.L.C. does not accept insurance, nor do we provide our private members billing statements for their reimbursements from their insurance.

Private Party Programs Available

1. Chronic Retainer For Care (CRFC)

2. Acute Fee For Care (AFFC)

3. By Demand Physicals & Forms

4. Acute Retainer For Care (Special)

Affordable Fees for Service

Whether you are under employed, or under paid, My Home Advisor, LLC fills the gap when you have to choose between your health and the mounting costs of healthcare preventing you from seeking the care that you want and deserve.

Convenient Care and Accessibility

My Home Advisor, LLC provides telephone triage and concierge evaluations at your door step and avail themselves to our CRFC program members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year as a service to their community.

(509) 486-2975
Serving North Central Washington
Okanogan County and adjacent vicinity